Cortex BioPhysik GmbH

Gas exchange analyzers for V02 max & anaerobic threshold testing in sports medicine, medical & hospital patient diagnosis & fitness testing. CPX (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise) or CPET (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing) can be performed in the laboratory or in the field(mobile).  A new specialized swimming system is also now available. Product range includes MetaMax, MetaLyzer, MetaSwim & Aircheck.


Customed GmbH

Medical ECG systems, 12 channel PC based Rest, Rhythm & Stress Testing, Holter ECG –up to 7 days continuous recording, AMBP, combined AMBP & ECG holter, Home Sleep Apnoea devices and rehabilitation systems.
New unique combined suction electrode & PC ECG system in one compact device, the new Cardio 200.




The most sophisticated measurement & treatment systems for Body Balance and Body Power control.

Centaur provides Identification of neuromuscular imbalances in the lumbar spine segment and a targeted training, and functional training/treatment.


Pegasus provides measurement of motion range; strength exertion measurement; specific treatment/training.


Zephyr BioHarness

Zephyr BioHarness provides multiple parameters; Heart Rate, ECG, Breathing Rate; Skin temperature; Activity monitor and body position via inbuilt 3D motion accelerometers. Choose Professional single BioHarness or Team System to provide real time monitoring for up to 64 players simultaneously.

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